Freezer Chili

I’m calling this recipe freezer chili because today I opened my freezer to take out something for dinner at work tomorrow night.  Much to my chagrin when I opened the door things started to shift a bit, it would be more accurate to call it a barely contained avalanche.  My stepdad usually says “a full freezer is a happy freezer,” well this freezer is not happy and is making itself known.

What does this have to do with chili you ask? Well in the freezer I had not quite a pound of ground beef, a grass-fed round roast, 2 chicken chorizo and 2 andouille sausage.  The chicken chorizo was an accident from making stuffed chicken a few weeks ago.  I thought it was weird to stuff chicken with more chicken so I put it in the freezer and went back to the store to get a couple pork chorizo.   I almost always have chili in the fridge and freezer because when nothing else sounds good chili is always tasty.

A quick disclaimer on my idea of a recipe: I tend to just throw things in a pot and add a little of whatever I think will sound good in the end.  It turns out great 92% percent of the time.  That 8% failure rate tends to fail horribly.  The freezer chili did not fail!

Ingredients:                                                                          Price

2 red peppers                                                                        $3.43

1 serrano pepper                                                                   $  .20

1 onion                                                                                 $  .67

garlic                                                                                    pantry item

2 chicken chorizo                                                                 $3.17

Grass fed round roast cut into 1 inch pieces                         $10.28

1 lb ground beef                                                                    $3.71

1 can of diced tomatoes                                                         $1.50

1 can chipotle salsa                                                                $1.25

salt                                                                                         pantry item

pepper                                                                                  pantry item

chocolate(I used a Mexican drinking chocolate)                 pantry item

Penzey’s chili powder medium hot                                  pantry item

Penzey’s chicken taco seasoning                                   pantry item

Servings 8

Total  $24.21

Cost per serving $3.02 $3.77 if you add half an avocado

The non meat ingredients

First I roasted the red peppers in the oven, I do this for a few reasons; I like the way it makes them sweet to balance out the heat of the chipotles and the chili powder, and they make the whole apartment smell good, but mostly I don’t the way the little bits of skin get stuck to the roof of my mouth.  When they get down I either chop them up or throw them in the blender. While the peppers roasted I diced up the onion and let it caramelize in the bottom of the cast iron pot with some garlic.  When that’s kinda golden brown I threw in the meat and let it brown a bit.  Then I threw everything else in the pot.  Add as much chili powder and taco seasoning as tastes good, and about a spoonful of the drinking chocolate.  Then let it simmer on low for an hour or two and enjoy.  I usually throw half an avocado on top when I eat. I made this while studying so every time I needed a break I gave it a stir and a taste test.

Right after I added all the spices and roasted peppers

The finished product