My ode to food and first grocery trip

I should let it be known up front that I love food! Food that is delicious, flavorful, and especially nourishing.  I grew up with a mother and a stepmom who are both amazing cooks. One of my brothers is a chef.  It’s easy to see how I would love to cook and love to eat.

I also love to be able to have the freedom to go and live my life and have food conveniently already made. I usually make big batches of a couple different things one or two nights a week then freeze and reheat them.  This lets me grab something between classes or bring food to work.

I was diagnosed with celiac disease almost 2 years ago and found Robb Wolf’s blog, podcast, and book.  I started eating paleo then and have never looked back.  A family friend asked me how that has affected what I spend on food and I didn’t have an answer for him.  Which leads us to my first grocery shopping trip for the month. I usually go once a week to get what I need for the week.  Today was just to grab a couple things.  Monday is usually my big grocery day.

I wanted to make some chili and needed a couple things.  I also picked up a couple pantry items since they were on sale.  You can never have too much chipotle salsa or too many canned tomatoes, especially if you’re planning on making Italian tomato sauce in the next week or so.

Grocery Total: $18.12

I also ate chipotle for lunch today while at the laundromat. Steak salad with lots of veggies and guacamole! approximately $8

Leftover Shepherd’s pie with lots of veggies, grass fed beef and sweet potatoes to hold it all together.

Chili cost breakdown and recipe to follow