Sunday is cooking day!

Yesterday I went to the store and today I spent about an hour and a half cooking up some of what I got.


Today I made:

Meatza, Burger, Meatloaf Base and a meatza

Chipotle Chicken

Tomato Sauce

Brisket with mushrooms


First I started the tomato sauce and while that simmered I made the marinade for the chicken and popped it in the fridge, meatza mix and my meatza for lunch, and threw the brisket in the crockpot.


For an hour and a half of effort I’m getting a whole lot of meals! This is key for me during the week between classes and work.


For my food log for today I had the left over Brussels sprouts and bacon($1.25). Lunch was meatza($2.89), and dinner is going to be freezer chili with an avocado ($3.77)while I’m at work.  I’ll probably have a snack of brisket for late dinner when I take it out of the crockpot after work!


Total food cost for the day is  $7.91


I’m putting up two of the recipes and cost breakdowns for the dishes today the rest will go up tomorrow.  Enjoy


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