Meatza, Meatball, and Burger Base

Meatza, Meatball, and Burger Base


I like to have pre mixed meats in the freezer for later.  This is Italian spiced and can be used for a few different things.  If I feel like making burgers, meatza, meatloaf, lasagna or meatballs all I have to do is thaw the pre-mixed meat, form it and cook.



2# Grass fed Ground Beef (13.77)

2 med Italian sausage

1 hot Italian sausage (5.19)


¼ onion (.19)

dried basil


1 egg (.23)

Tomato sauce



Dried Oregano

Ingredients Assembled


Total Cost $19.19

Servings: I divided this into 4 parts to use for different things each part is probably 2-3 servings We’ll call it 8

Cost per serving $2.40

Dice the onion and either throw it in raw or saute it in your fat of choice.  Then throw all the spices in, the egg.  I threw some of the sauce that was cooking on the stove in too.

Skin the sausage and put that and the ground beef in and mix.  If you happened to put your ground beef in the spot in your fridge that happens to be weirdly cold I wish you better luck than I had.

You can't tell from the picture but this is all nearly frozen!

Mixing this was nearly frostbite inducing.  Then I divided the whole thing into 4 and put 3 in bags for the freezer. The last 1 was made into meatza for lunch.  Yum!

Divided for freezing


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