Italian Tomato Basil Sauce

This is a family tradition.  Growing up on Sunday mornings a pot of sauce went on the stove. Then we all made meatballs and when they were baked they went in the sauce pot.  A few hours later a pot of salted water went on the stove for pasta and then we all sat down and ate a big old plate of pasta.  The rest of the week a lot of our lunches were made from that leftover sauce and meatballs.  Now that I eat paleo/primal sauce gets used for different things.  Meatballs are still a go.  Meatza instead of pizza.  Some paleo “lasagna” made with lots of veggies instead of pasta.  A pot of sauce is versatile and delicious.  A pot of sauce in your freezer means lots of quick meal options.


2 Red Peppers (2.58)

2 cans crushed tomatoes (2.50)

2 cans tomato paste (1.78)

1 onion (.67)


fresh basil (2.69)

dried basil



Total Cost $10.22

Servings: The number of servings is a bit hard to figure out. I’m going to call it 16

The cost per serving $.64

First throw the peppers in the oven to roast. I usually throw them in at 400.  While the peppers are doing their thing I chop up the onion, and garlic, and brown in it some butter.

Then throw the tomatoes in the pot and the dried spices.

I like to chiffonade my basil because you get big chunks of basil in your sauce.  Stack all the basil leaves up with the biggest ones on the bottom and roll them up and chop it.

I do this twice, once when you start the pot and once right before it’s done.  When the peppers are done peel them and either chop or puree them and throw them in the pot too.  Turn the pot down to simmer and let it go for an hour or more.  If you’re making meatballs throw them in the pot too.  The flavors get to be really good when they cook together.  When it’s done throw in a little more basil fore that fresh taste.

I usually freeze my sauce in different sized protions.  One big enough for a lasagna and the rest goes into smaller sizes for meatza, meatballs or braised dishes.


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