Brussels Sprouts and Bacon!

Breakfast of champions right? I love Brussels sprouts. They’re delicious and really low maintenance as far as cooking goes.

All the yummy stuff


1 lb bag of sprouts                $2.99

1 piece of thick bacon           $.75

Cajun seasoning                    this is a staple in my pantry it lasts about 6 months

Pepper                                   pantry

Garlic                                      pantry


Total $3.74

Servings 3

Cost per serving $1.25


First chop up the bacon and throw it in the pan to render. I love the bacon odds and ends from trader joe’s, they’re a lot cheaper than their regular bacon and its thicker and tends to be a little bit fattier. All of which are good things.

MMMM bacon

While the bacon is doing its thing I quarter the sprouts. I don’t think you really need to quarter them but I was in a little bit of a hurry and they cook quicker that way. Plus all the bacony goodness gets over more of the sprouts.  When the bacon is starting to render I throw the garlic in and give it a stir and then throw the sprouts in and get them good and coated with the rendered fat. Sprinkle some cajun, salt and pepper with them and let them cook for awhile. I just stir them every once in a while and nibble on the leaves to see if they have enough seasoning on them.

Look at all that caramelized goodness!



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